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Updated Maryland DMR Codeplugs

I just updated my Mid-Atlantic (now called Maryland) codeplugs and have made them available on my Maryland DMR project page.  Right now the codeplugs only contain repeaters in Maryland but I will be working on them over the next few … Continue reading

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APRS on RF from your computer network

Enable Server Ports.  Those three words have baffled me for years.  It’s a menu item, under Interface, on Xastir and I’ve been wondering what it does for a while.  I had searched the Internet before without a positive result but … Continue reading

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Apps for Ham Radio Networks

You’ve built your mesh or 802.11 network to support your activity.  Now what?  Unfortunately, most client software doesn’t support peer-to-peer activities.  You have to have a server acting as the central repository and distribution point for your data.  Sounds complicated… … Continue reading

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Linux, the Yaesu FT-1D, and the SCU-18

I had almost given up on programming my Yaesu FT-1D on my Linux computer.  The software provided by Yaesu wouldn’t work on Linux and CHIRP didn’t support the radio.  Well, CHIRP didn’t support it until now.  While it’s not official, … Continue reading

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CHIRP – Open source programming of your amateur radio

Cross post with Sparks’ Linux blog. In the past I’ve been frustrated by a lack of Linux-supported software for programming my amateur radios. Sure, the Kenwood software that they gave you to use would kinda work under Wine but it’s … Continue reading

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