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Now on medium wave!

Years ago I purchased a 40-80-160m dipole antenna in hopes of getting a good signal out on the lower bands.  Unfortunately the antenna ended up being too large for my yard and I didn’t use it.  Fast forward to now … Continue reading

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Breaking the Arrow Antenna’s diplexer

The Arrow Antenna for satellites has an optional diplexer that allows easy operation of 2m and 70cm from a single feedline.  I’ve used this configuration for over ten years with no problems.  I’m not sure, exactly, what happened but the … Continue reading

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Parabolic antenna beamwidth calculations

Okay, I’m thinking about parabolic antennas right now.  I created a spreadsheet that would take care of all the formulas some years back but I can’t seem to find it now.  I’m trying to find all the formulas that I … Continue reading

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Antenna maintenance

The weather was nice enough for me to get some of my antenna maintenance done that I couldn’t do during the cold winter months.  First on the list was to completely remove the 23cm (1.2GHz) antenna from the top of … Continue reading

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All antennas up in the air.

All antennas are up. I now have 11 elements on 2m, 22 elements on 70cm, and 25 elements on 23 cm. I was able to trim a couple of branches out of the nearby tree and now my antennas swing … Continue reading

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