Many organizations offer awards for meeting certain goals within amateur radio (generally talking to other amateur radio operators in different locations using certain modes).  Generally, these are excuses for getting on the air.

ARRL Awards

DX Century Club

TEric's DXCC Certificatehe ARRL offers the DX Century Club (DXCC) award for contacting 100 DXCC entities (think countries).  I received mine using a combination of HF bands and modes.  I also have 20m DXCC and qualify for DXCC – Phone and DXCC – Digital.

Worked All States (WAS)

Another award from the ARRL is the Worked All States (WAS) award.  Contacts must be made with all fifty states to qualify for this award.

Worked All Continents (WAC)

The Worked All Continents award is from the IARU and recognizes stations who have contacted other stations in all continents.  I received the IARU – RTTY award.

Straight Key Century Club Awards

SKCC 1,000 Miles Per Watt

SKCC 1,000 Miles per Watt Award 38000The Straight Key Century Club offers a 1,000 Miles per Watt Award for making contacts using QRP power levels.  I have the 38,000 Miles per Watt endorsement for using 100mW to talk with F6HKA.

Other Awards

Brass Pounders’ League

W4OTN's BPL CertificateI attained membership in the ARRL Brass Pounders’ League in December 2011 by handling 546 messages in the month.